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The history of The Alpenrose Dairy dates back to 1891 when great-grandfather, Florian Cadonau, began delivering milk in three-gallon cans by horse-drawn wagon.

Then, in 1916, Florian’s son, Henry Cadonau and his wife Rosina took full ownership of the business and named it Alpenrose, after Switzerland’s national mountain flower. In 1946, Henry’s son, Carl Cadonau Sr., took the reigns and remained in charge of the company until his death in June, 2004.

As the years have passed, the Alpenrose Dairy has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, under the leadership of Carl Cadonau Jr. and Rod Birkland, both great-grandsons of Florian, the Alpenrose Dairy continues its long tradition of providing the very best. To this day, Alpenrose remains a family-owned business, with many of Florian’s great-great-grandchildren working daily to keep his spirit alive in everything the company does.