Bagged Organic Heirloom Apples - 2 lbs.

Bagged Organic Heirloom Apples - 2 lbs.


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A rotating selection of organic heirloom apples grown in the Northwest.

We’ve partnered with Heirloom Orchards in the Hood River Valley to bring locally-grown organic heirloom apples to your doorstep! The selection will rotate every few weeks throughout Apple Season, depending on the harvest schedule. This is a fun way for you to try an array of apples that you may not have discovered otherwise! 

Heirloom apples are older varieties that were passed down from generation to generation and were selected for their taste first. Unlike the apples you find at the grocery store, these old-world varieties may come in irregular sizes and shapes and have russet-colored skins, but their rustic appearance is all part of the appeal. The phenomenal flavor, though, is what truly makes them shine!

The variety we’re currently offering is Ashmead's Kernal. Considered one of the very best old European apples, it is a small to medium sized apple known for its' outstanding rich and high flavor. It is rated for the connoisseur and has not been offered commercially. It has green, russeted skin and crisp, juicy flesh. This is a gutsy apple, with a bold, tart but sugary taste.

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Product Reviews
Cox's Orange Pippin was my favorite so far
I've tried two varieties of the heirloom apples so far. Both were tasty and the size is perfect for a snack. Ashmead's Kernal was a little softer than I like. Cox's Orange Pippin is a new favorite! I hope to try more varieties.