Montelupo Fresh Bucatini - 1lb


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Calling all the extra saucy pasta lovers, this one is for you! Montelupo Italian Market’s hand-made fresh bucatini captures sauce inside each noodle guaranteeing a comforting bite each time.

Translates literally to, “little holes.” Bucatini may look like your classic spaghetti at first glance, but those expertly crafted little holes that bore the length of each noodle trap an extra bit of sauce in every bite. Begging to be expertly dressed, this pasta is a favorite for rich velvety sauces if you’re one to make cacio e pepe or carbonara at home! Delivered frozen, this product has 10 days on it once moved to the refrigerator.

  • Kosher
  • Lactose Free
Product Reviews
This stuff is awesome! I hope it continues to be offered :)
We enjoyed this bucatini for dinner recently and it was fresh and delicious
Worth It
Delicious, fresh, hearty - I was worried there wouldn't be enough for two adults who love pasta, but we couldn't finish the pack. Served with a really simple fresh roasted tomato sauce and parmesan, perfect.