Small Curd 4% Cottage Cheese - Pint

Small Curd 4% Cottage Cheese - Pint


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Kick-off your morning with our creamy cottage cheese.

After one bite of our 4% cottage cheese, you'll see why many people rave about it. The fresh cheese is made from farm-fresh milk and has a mild and creamy flavor with plenty of curds throughout. Eat it solo, pair it with fresh fruit, or add to smoothies for an extra boost of protein.

  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
Product Reviews
Consistently great
Smooth curds, just the right amount of tang. This is a weekly staple in our house- grandpa likes it mixed with salsa, mom eats it by the spoonful for a little bit of easy protein, and little people love it with fruit accompaniment. **We only wish it came in organic**